John Huddleston's sponsor's mark



Please look at the chains page for details of choices of chain available for these pendants
Small silver bee pendant
Solid sterling silver echinoid pendant
Smaller silver starfish
Silver wrapped sweet sweetie pendant

Small bee






Wrapped sweet

Silver olive stone pendant
Silver chilli pendant
Garlic clove pendant
Solid silver almond pendant

Olive stone




Garlic clove



Solid silver hazelnut
Gold plated sterling silver hazelnut
Half hazelnut pendant
Solid silver pistachio nut pendant

Whole hazelnut


Gold hazelnut


Half hazelnut


Pistachio nut

Silver date seed pip pendant
SIlver dimpled circle circle
Silver dimpled pendant circular slot
Solid silver apricot pendant

Date seed


Disc circle


Dimpled circle slot


Apricot seed

Bronze Roman coin in a silver setting
Keum Boo Gold on silver pendant
Silver treble clef pendant
Silver scrunched disc pendant

Roman coin


Gold on silver


Treble clef


Ammonite pendant
SIlver sea shell pendant
\SIlver white horse pendant
Silver Ufflington Whiter Horse on enamel



Sea shell


White Horse


White Horse Green

Silver spinosaur tooth pendant
Silver large shark tooth pendant
Small silver shark's tooth pendant
Small silver shark's tooth pendant

Spinosaur tooth


Large shark's tooth


Small shark tooth 1


Small shark tooth 2

Silver wisdom tooth pendant
Twin ring silver pendant
Silver lantern pendant
Silver button pendant



Twin ring





Small sterling silver fused pendant
Sterling silver fused pendant
Silver fused pednant with fossil
Silver fused pendant with haematite/ hematite

Small fused


Fused rectangular


Fused with fossil


Fused - haematite

Sterling silver hallmarked pendant
Sterling silver ingot
Diamond silver ingot Fused silver and paua shell pendant

Standard ingot


Narrow ingot


Diamond ingot


Fused - paua


DNA ball pendant
Silver DNA twist necklace
Silver DNA helix pendant with gold highlights
Silver emptiness pendant

DNA ball pendant


DNA twist


DNA twist with gold

Looped silver cross
Looped silver cross with twisted wire
Small silver Ankh pendant
Larger silver Egyptian Ankh pendant

Loop cross


Loop cross twist




Larg Ankh (ish)

Shiny heart sterling silver pendant
Embossed sterling silver heart pendant
Hammered sterling silver heart pendant
Silver small heart pendant

Shiny heart


Embossed heart


Shiny 2 side heart

Smaller smile silver pendant
Silver wishbone pendant
Silver dimpled pendant with Whitby jet
Simple Whitby jet pendant





Silver and jet

Twin oval silver pendant
Synthetic turquoise silver pendant
Five ring silver pendant

Twin oval pendant


Synthetic turquoise


Orange quartz

£55 £50+
Silver diamond filigree pendant
Silver filigree teardrop pendant
Silver Yantra pendant
Copper yanrra pendant

Filigree diamond


Filigree teardrop



£65 £25
Silver multifold square pendant
Many curve silver fold formed pendant
Silver fold formed boat pendant with gold plating
Silver fold formed boat pendant

Multifold square




Fold boat - gold

£70 £60
Shiny silver estoile pendants
Sparkly silver estoile pendants
Silver estoile pendant

Shiny estoile


Sparkly estoile


Larger estoile