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Hazelnut or filbert jewellery

There is more detail on the reasons for me making hazelnut (or filbert) jewellery here.
Silver hazelnut pin brooch
A solid half hazelnut mounted on to a brooch pin. the brooch weighs 12 grams and is life sized.
Solid silver hazelnut
A solid life sized sterling silver hazelnut as a pendant. It weighs around 20g and can be provided on cord or with a chain.
£65 - cord
£70 - with 18 inch silver trace chain
Half hazelnut pendant
A solid life sized sterling silver half hazelnut as a pendant. They can weigh 8-11g and can be provided on with other chains. Lighter on the neck than a whole nut.
£60 - cord
£65 with 18 inch trace chain
Silver hazelnut cufflinks
A pair of solid life sized sterling silver half hazelnuts set on sprung cufflink backs. They weighs 16 or so grams for the pair depending on the size of the nut.
Glod plated solid silver hazelnut
A solid sterling silver life sized hazelnut, that has been gold plated. The price does not include a chain as there are so many options. If you want me to obtain one for you, then we need to discuss what you want.
About £110
Available to order
Silver hazelnut keyring keyfob
A solid hazelnut attached to a silver keyring. It weighs about 29g.