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I cast my ammonite jewellery from real ammonite fossils and you can see the results in the chart below. I can cast them complete or half thickness. I can turn the cast ammonites into brooches, cufflinks, earrings, keyrings, paperweights, rings and maybe other things I haven't thought of.

Please have a look at the chart to see the sizes then click the link to whatever you want to see what I have in stock. If it's not listed or if you want to see a picture of the actual piece I will send, please contact me.

Paperweights Pendants Rings
Here is the key to the ammonites and their sizes and approximate weights if cast complete. You can see images of the actual ammonites at the bottom of the page.
Chart of fossil pendant sizes
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Solid silver ammonite - size 10
This is an example of an ammonite for a paperweight. I can make full or half thicknesses of any ammonite, typically sizes 10, 9 and 8. Below is my current stock. If you want something different, please contact me.
No 10 - full - 116 grams £200
Available to order. Please contact me
No 10 - half - 70 grams £130
No 9 - full - 46 grams - £115
No 8 - full - 61 grams - £125
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Silver ammonite cufflinks
An example of half thickness ammonite cufflinks.
Size 7 cufflinks - 15 grams - £85
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Silver ammonite brooch
This is an example of an ammonites as a brooch and is a size 8. Brooches are half thickness. Do be aware that these are heavy and need to be fixed to a heavyweight material to support that weight. I could mount them with a pin and pin protector if required and also add a safety chain. Please contact me.
Size 8 - 38 grams - £85
Size 9 - 28 grams - £85
Available to order. Please contact me
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Silver ammonite earringsSilver ammonite earrings

Examples of ammonite earrings. The left hand set are size 1 or 2 and the right side is size 3 and are half thickness and individually hallmarked. Almost any earrings can have dangling stud or clip fittings. If your choice is not listed, please contact me.

Size 1 - 10 grams - loop - £50
Size 1 - 10 grams - stud - £50
Size 2 - 10 grams - loop - £50
Size 3 - 10 grams - loop
Available to order. Please contact me
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Keyrings/ key fobs
Ammonite key fob
This keyfob is an example with a size 7 ammonite. Other sizes available on request.
More being made - please contact me.
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Silver Ammonite ringSilver ammonite ring
Two examples of a solid silver half ammonite on a simple silver band. The one on the left is a size 6 ammonite on a size N band. The one on the right is a size 5 ammonite on a size O band. I can readily upsize a ring by a size or so. I can also make other rings to your requirements. PLease contact me.
Size 6/ N - £65
Size 5/ O - £65
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Tiny ammonite pendantSIlver ammonite pendantLarge silver ammonite pendant
These are examples of solid ammonite pendants. Ones with a decorative gemstone are just below. Referring to the chart above, the left is size 1, the middle size 7 and the right size 9, though not to scale. Smaller pendants come with a 16" trace chain and the large ones an 18" Belcher 3. If you want a different ammonite, a different chain or a half thickness one, please contact me. Please note the size 9 pendants are around 50 grams - six times heavier than the smaller ones.
Size 1, 16 " trace chain - £50
Buy now!
Size 4, 16" trace chain - £55
Available to order. Please contact me
Size 5, 16" trace chain - £55
Size 6, 16" trace chain - £55
Size 7, 16" trace chain - £55
Size 9, 18" belcher chain - £120
SIlver ammonite pednat with gemstoneSmall silver ammonite pendant with light blue topazSmall silver ammonite pednat with square cubic zirconia
These are examples of half thickness, solid silver ammonite pendants with decoration. Referring to the chart above, the left is size 4, with a round cubic zirconia diamond simulant, the middle size 5 with a real light blue topaz and the right one is size 6 with a square cubic zirconia. These come with a 16" trace chain. If you want a different ammonite, gemstone or a different chain, please contact me.

Size 4, round CuZ
Available to order. Please contact me
Size 5, blue topaz
Sorry - sold
Size 6, square CuZ - £60
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Silver ammonite earrings
A size 1 or 2 solid ammonite such as those shown above as earrings. I provide a joining ring which is like a tiny keyring and, as an alternative, a an open ring that can be closed with pliers or soldered.
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SIngle ammonite silver braceletTwin ammonite silver bracelet
The left hand iamge has oval silver wire and weighs 21g, the righthand one has rectangular wire and weighs 26g
Single ammonite - £80
Double ammonite - £100
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These are the actual fossil ammonites I use for my casts

My actual ammonites used for casting

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