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Silver unicorn pendant
This silhouette of a rearing unicorn is hallmarked silver with a blue, plastic enamel background colour over the silver disc. The pendant is 35mm acros and only weighs about 10g. It is provided with an 18" belcher chain, but other sizes are possible.
Concentric ring pendant
This pendant alternates between bright and textured surfaces. It is 40mm in diameter and weighs 13g. It comes with a silver chain - Sorry - sold, but I can make you one - just email me
Five ring silver pendantSilver ring pendant
Silver ring pendants - each ring is about 15 mm in diameter - three or more rings. They are a mixture of textured and plain rings and weigh 3-5 grams. The pendants come with a medium 18 inch trace chain. Please contact me before ordering if you require a different number of rings, style or length of chain. They are not usually hallmarked. Recently, I've made ones with four rings if someone is celebrating their 40th.
£60 - five ring textured
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£55 - three ring textured
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Silver treble clef pendant
A delicate treble clef pendant - about 26 mm high. All treble clefs turn out slightly different. Please email me before purchase if you would like to see the ones available. It has a light 16" trace chain.
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Silver horseshoe pendant
A rather idealised silver horseshoe pendant. It weighs 10g and is about 3cm by 3cm. It comes with a 16" Belcher 3 chain. Please contact me before ordering if you require a different style or length of chain.


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