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Uffington White Horse jewellery

The Uffington White Horse is just west of Wantage in Oxfordshire, formerly Berkshire, and is believed to be 3000 years old. It is a very stylised representation of a horse and presents challenges to get a good representation at small scale. I hand cut each horse so each one is very slightly different. Depending on the scale, some pieces will have the eye. This page shows some options, but I am happy to consider other sizes and designs. Please contact me.
Silver white horse pendant
This pendant is 5cm long and weighs 7g. It is on a single length of medium trace chain equivalent to an 18" chain. Other chain options are possible. Please contact me before purchase
About £135
Available to order - please contact me
Silver Uffington White horse pendant with enamelled background
In this version, the horse is 45mm head to tail and has a green background of a low temperature resin enamel to represent the surrounding grassland. The horse is above the enamel surface.
Around £150
Available to order - please contact me
Silver Uffington White Horse tie clip
The White Horse as a tie clip. The clip is about 5cm long with a silver clip for the tie and a safety chain that clips on a nearby button.
Uffington White Horse bookmark
This White Horse bookmark is 80 by 25 mm with the horse itself about 55mm long.The £1 coin is for scale and not part of the sale. The bookmark weighs 14g. Other sizes are possible. Please contact me.
Silver Uffington WHite Horse keyfob
The Ufflington White Horse as a key ring/fob. The fob is about 5cm long. The whole piece weighs about 12g
About £145
Available to order - please contact me