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Silver copper ring
These rings match the silver/ copper bracelet range. They are about size 'Q' but could be adjusted to suit.
Silver garlic ring
A cast of a garlic clove is mounted on this ring. Silver and garlic for going out at night and avoiding the vampires!  It weighs 9 grams.
Roman style silver ring
Please note this picture is to show the ring.  The bracelet is available separately.  The design is based on a Roman bracelet I saw at the Vindolanda Museum near Hadrian's Wall.   It weighs 3 grams.  I make the ring to your size from a pre-hallmarked oversized ring, so please email me with your ring size and I'll send one to suit.
Silver intaglio ring
This man's ring is UK size R. It has a an intaglio of a roman head in a black stone, probably black onyx
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Silver haematite ring
A freeform tumbled haematite stone mounted on a silver ring with a rub-over setting. This ring is UK size W.
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Meandering ring
This design goes well as finger ring or a thumb ring. This is a thumb ring size UK size T. It is quite delicate weighing 2 g. As it is unhallmarked, I can quickly make rings to size, but I can't guarantee the meandering is exactly the same, but I will send a photo first.
Around £20
meandering split ring
Another meandering thumb ring. This one is adjustable for those with bigger joints. It is UK size T, weighs 5 g and is hallmarked. Please contact me if you want one of a different size.
More being made - please contact me
meandering ring
A more solid,closed thumb ring. It is UK size V, weighs 3 g and is hallmarked. Please contact me if you want one of a different size.
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Meandering silver ring
Another meandering style ring - size O that could be adjusted a size or so either way. It weighs 2g - a delicate ring.
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Silver reef knot ring
A delicate, open ring styled on a reef knot. Not hallmarked as it is small and weighs just 1g. I can do grannie knots too!.
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Silver V ring
A basic half round band with a v shape to accomodate an engagement ring or similar ring with a smallish stone. Stamped 925 and my Sponsor's mark. This one is size K. Other sizes, shapes and metals made on request. See also below.
U shaped silver ring
A basic half round band with a U shape to accomodate another ring with a significant stone. Fully hallmarked. This one is size L. Other sizes, shapes and metals made on request. See also above.
Around £25
Available to order. Please contact me
Rectangular haematite on three wire sterling silver ring
A rectangular haematite in a rub over setting mounted on a multiwire decorated ring . Size Q1/2.
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Silver ring formed from three wire sections
A wide ring formed from three half round sections . Size Q.
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Silver ring counter for lane swimming
For lane swimming then a ring or maybe two like these are essential. They fit on the index finger and are rotated with the thumb. Rotate one ring every two lengths by one quarter of a turn. That gives you an eight length counter. If you have another on the other index finger and rotate that a quarter every time the other does one revolution then you can count to 32. These rings are X - large so they rotate easily. If this doesn't work for you I can make something for you.
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