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Silver kangaroo cufflinks
Cufflinks with a kangaroo image - not much else to say! Current versions have a different bar on the cufflink fitting (like the bronze coin cufflinks below). They weigh 9g.
Silver 42 cufflinks - recessed
For Douglas Adams fans. I can do other characters too, e.g. 52 and H2
From £65
Available to special order - please contact me
Silver 42 cufflinks
For Douglas Adams fans. These cufflinks have the recess shiny rather than the textured ones above. I can do other characters too, e.g. 52 and H2
From £65
Available to special order - please contact me
Oval hallmarked cufflinks
Oval cufflinks with featured hallmarks. The oval is about 20mm by 10mm. The datemark is 'v' for 2020 not as in the image.
Bronze Roman coins mounted in a claw setting that allows a good view of the front of the coin. They are 3rd century AD and the reverse, which is the side on display, show soldiers holding standards.
This pair is sold, but I can make others with the coins that you source or specify. Please contact me.
Silver button Cufflinks
These solid sterling silver cufflinks are made from castings of plastic buttons. Each button is about 18mm in diameter and is fully hallmarked.
Buy now!
Threepenny bit cufflinks 1939-1945
Two cupronickel British threepenny (3d - a 1p = 2.4d) bits mounted as sterling silver cufflinks. If I can find them I should be able to make bespoke sets from the years 1937 to 1967, though there were none struck in 1947 and few in 1946 and 1949. The precise detail of the mounts tend to vary too. I can do the 1939 & 1945 ones shown. Also currently I have a pair of 1937 3ds mounted with claws like the image above and a pair of 1943 in a rub over setting rather than claws - that is a circular band of silver squeezed tight around the coins. I also have pairs of 1937,1938,1940 to 1944, 1952-55, 1957,1960-1964,1966 & 1967 brass 3d coins 'on the shelf', which can be set in a fitting of your choice. I also have a pair of Jersey 3d coins from 1966 that could be mounted. These could also be mounted as a brooch or pendant. Silver threepenny bit cufflinks are just below. I also have some sixpenny bits - tanners - available too.
around £70
Please contact me to discuss your wishes
Silver 3d coins in a silver mount
As an alternative to the bronze 3d coins above, here are two earlier silver threepenny bits mounted for cufflinks. These have chain backs, but I could make a pair with spring backs. I also have a pair of farthings (1/4 d) one is 1939 and the other 1941 that could be mounted.
Silver shark tooth cufflinks
These cufflinks are cast from fossilised sharks' teeth. Some pairs are of the same tooth, others have similar teeth as above. They weigh about 15g and are nearly 20 mm from tip of tooth to back of gum. If you want to see the exact pairs available please email me before ordering.
Silver cufflinks mounted with mammoth tusk
These cufflinks contain rectangular sectons from an actual piece of mammoth tusk.
Radley Memorial Arch cufflinksRadley Memorial Arch cufflinks
The images on these cufflinks are taken from a photograph of mine of the Memorial Arch at Radley College, near Oxford in the UK. They hava slightly 'foggy day/ spooky' look. The left hand pair have the background etched away, whereas the righthand pair have the arch etched away. The plate is about 20 x 25mm and each pair weigh about 10g. I will not be making these again. Each cufflink has full UK hallmarks.
£65 - sunken background
£65 - raised background


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