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Diamond Jubilee bracelet engravable


A bracelet to celebrate hallmarks and particularly the extra hallmark for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. This has the five traditional marks and the extra mark split in two groups of three. This gives an area suitable for engraving. Outside shiny and satin (upper) versions are available.
£70 - satin
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£70 - shiny
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Bark/ shiny silver bracelet
This open bracelet has an alternate pattern of bark effect and bright polished silver. It weighs 13g.
Available to order. Please contact me
Multiwire silver bracelet
This bracelet, made from low tarnish silver wire, weighs just over 40g
Dimpled silver cuff
This solid, wide and quite thick cuff with a dimpled pattern weighs 47g - an ounce and a half.
Available to order - please contact me - see also the one below
Dimpled slot silver cuff
This wide cuff has a dimpled pattern with a slot. It is solid silver and weighs 36 g.
Parallel wire sterling silver bracelet
This bracelet can be squeezed in to accomodate different wrist sizes. It is a development of the two wire bracelets above. It is made of anti-tarnish wire and weighs 40g.
Silver torq bracelet
This hallmarked sterling silver torq is constructed from three twisted wires with heavy silver balls at the ends. There is a version with a solid band here. It can be squeezed in to accomodate different wrist sizes. It weighs 11 grams.
Heavy rolled, twisted silver wire bracelet
Weighing 11 grams, this bracelet is a substantial piece and fit for day to day wearing. It is the same in concept as the copper version or copper/ silver version.
Heavy fused silver bracelet
This bracelet is made used the same technique as the fused pendants. It weighs just under 100g.The inner length is 16cm. If you make a strip of paper and wrap it around your wrist that should help to judge the size. The bracelet can be carefully bent to give a good fit on the wrist, but are too thick to flex for daily tightening and loosening. Your wrist should just be a tight fit through the gap when it slips on the side of your wrist and it won't then slide off. I can always make one for you, but they will all look slightly different.
Silver sparkly strip
A thick sheet bracelet about 18 mm wide with a strip of sparkly texture slightly off centre round the band. It weighs 28g - an avoirdupois ounce. It can be easily bent to suit the wrist and will flex to allow easy fitting and removal.


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